By: organicgardening4 | November 14, 2017

Trees shrubs sand rocks and pathway in zen garden for meditation
Zen garden for meditation with shrubs trees sand and rocks

Ancient Buddhists used the Zen gardens for meditation. Thus, most of the original Zen gardens still reside in the Buddhist monasteries; where their beauty and simplicity have lasted for hundreds of years.

Because the world is filled with too many outside distractions, the idea of having a serene garden to look after can refresh your mind with rock formations and numerous sand tracings. We aim to enlighten you in this article, about the wonders that a garden can do for adults who are seeking for absolute concentration.

The Origins of Zen

Originally from India, Zen is a thinking methodology that has come to be ingrained in the Japanese culture. People who believe in Zen believe that perfection is unattainable, simplicity is perfect and that s...