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Eating Healthier Fruit, Vegetables and Meat
Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Options

Having a healthy body can lead to well-being. You will be able to go through the day energized and lessened the risk of getting a disease or any illness. Plus, if your goal is to lose weight eating best healthy foods can help you achieve that. Whatever your goal is, one thing is for sure when you have a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods, you will go a long way.

Naturally fruits and vegetables are your best options, especially when eaten raw. Growing vegetables is a great way to ensure you eat healthy, and can be easier than you think. If interestd, visit for more about vegetable gardening, and if are you ready to know what are healthy foods that are best for you, read on.

1. Fruits

The thing with fruits is that they are available locally. They do not even require any preparation time. What you do is buy fruits at the grocery store, bring home, and start munching on them as a snack or incorporate into your diet.

A good example of fruits that you may want to include in your meals or as a snack are:


Apples - As the saying goes, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Is it true? Well, indeed it is. Why? Apple is one fruit that contains vitamin C, fiber, and quite some antioxidants. When you are hungry you can munch on apples as a snack.


Bananas - Do you know that when you eat bananas, you will be energized? Why? It is because it's one good source of potassium. It has fiber and vitamin B6 as well.


Many fruits can be grown right in your backyard. For a list of easy to grow fruits, visit


2. Meats


Meats are not unhealthy at all. What you are looking for is meats that are cooked gently and unprocessed.


Chicken breasts - It is low in calories and fat. Also, it's high in protein. Also, it's a good source of nutrients.


Lean beef - This is one of the best sources of protein. It contains bioavailable iron.


3. Vegetables


The good thing about vegetables is that they contain nutrients that your body needs. It is highly advisable to eat a variety of vegetables each day.


Asparagus - It is low in calories and carbs. Also, it contains vitamin K.


Broccoli - It contains vitamins C, K, and a good source of fiber. It has protein, too. Look at this video for more of brocolli’s health benefits.

Garlic - This is quite healthy. It has allicin. This is a bioactive compound that aids in improving the functionality of the immune system.


4. Seafood


Another good source of nutrients is seafood. They do contain iodine and omega-3 fatty acids. These are two of the nutrients that people do not have enough in their bodies. 


Do you know that those who eat seafood like fish do live longer? Also, they are at a lower risk of getting heart disease, depression, and even dementia. 


Take a look at for more healthy food choices. Now that you have an idea about healthy foods, why not start incorporating few of them into your meals. Then, when you are used to it, go healthy all throughout. You will be surprised as to its effects towards your body.



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