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Trees shrubs sand rocks and pathway in zen garden for meditation
Zen garden for meditation with shrubs trees sand and rocks

Ancient Buddhists used the Zen gardens for meditation. Thus, most of the original Zen gardens still reside in the Buddhist monasteries; where their beauty and simplicity have lasted for hundreds of years.

Because the world is filled with too many outside distractions, the idea of having a serene garden to look after can refresh your mind with rock formations and numerous sand tracings. We aim to enlighten you in this article, about the wonders that a garden can do for adults who are seeking for absolute concentration.

The Origins of Zen

Originally from India, Zen is a thinking methodology that has come to be ingrained in the Japanese culture. People who believe in Zen believe that perfection is unattainable, simplicity is perfect and that stillness and other things of the world should be embraced. Furthermore, some Zen monks constructed Japanese gardens to earn a living and there is still some disparity as to how much effect Zen has on Japanese gardens. However, both Zen and Japanese gardens share benefits that include stress relief.

The Purpose of Rocks, Plants, and Trees in a Zen Garden

Also referred to as Japanese rock garden, the Zen garden is an old outdoor ritual that typically consists of grass, sandpits with rocks, plants and some other natural elements like moss, bamboo, flowering and colorful trees. The “Garden” is intended to represent the various calming elements in our environment, where sand patterns are used to symbolize water designed to seem like rippling water. The gardens are arranged to be cherished with a unique perspective. Watch the video below for more on gardening and creating the garden area:

The Benefits of Zen Meditation

The merits of Zen meditation include both mental and psychological. Also, the level of oxygen required by the body is less during deep breathing. Blood is channeled away from the sympathetic nervous system – the nervous system responsible for controlling flight or fight behaviors, instead, blood is directed to flow towards the parasympathetic nervous system. The end result of this process includes increased creativity, greater energy, suppressed depression levels, happiness, lowered stress and better relationships.

Added Benefits of a Zen Garden in Your Back Yard

Taking care of a Zen garden in your backyard involves the same physical input that would be required for any normal garden. Thus, tending to a Zen garden can also be a source of exercise. The Iowa State University reckons that the activity of tending to a garden can be great for relieving stress, so long as the gardener is dedicated to the job. Oxygen produced by the plants in the garden can be great for the health of the gardener in addition to the soothing effect of plants on the eyes.

Zen, Your Zen Garden, and Stress-Free Days

The idea behind a Zen garden is reduced stress levels and relaxation which are vital to your level of productivity and health. Keep in mind that we all have our own limits, know yours and draw your boundaries accordingly in every area of your life. Finally, create time to enjoy the advantages of Zen and your Zen garden!

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